Program Details

Program Name: HPD Peer Education and Community Outreach

Collaborative Partners : Law, Social Justice and Government

DESCRIPTION: HPD Peer Education and Community Outreach Our mission is to encourage the academic and personal success of Rutgers-Newark students by advocating for wellness and social justice. We are MULTI-cultural, -racial, -gendered, -sexually oriented (or not), -generational, and-abled. We accomplish this mission through peer-driven, interactive, health-educational strategies, interventions, and workshops. Our designs are by students, for students. As part of our mission we work with youth organizations within and surrounding Newark. Request us today.

Population Served: Grades K-8,High School,College Graduates,Professors,Business Professionals,Business Agencies,Artists,Families/Parents,Community-based Groups,Government Agencies,Unprivileged Classes,Disabled,Out of School Use,First Generation