Program Details

Program Name: Dance Synopsium Series

Category : Humanities and Creative Arts

DESCRIPTION: Each spring and fall the Dance Symposium Series in partnership with schools and community organizations, the Clement A. Price Institute on Ethnicity, Culture, and the Modern Experience mounts its semi-annual Dance Symposium Series. The series presents performances by a broad array of artists in both ethnic and modern dance and provides educational workshops on the diverse histories and traditions of dance on campus and in the community. Through its ongoing partnerships, the Price Institute opens these programs to a broad public audience free of charge, increasing arts education opportunities for both adult and student populations. In this way, the Price Institute also helps promote Newark as the state's cultural and artistic capital.

Population Served: Grades K-8,High School,College Graduates,Teachers,Professors,Business Professionals,Artists,Social Workers,Families/Parents,Community-based Groups,Unprivileged Classes,Disabled,Citizen Groups,First Generation